Video Production Services

You only have to give me a specific topic or a text with the information you want to include in the video.
I'll design and illustrate each frame for you to approve before moving on to animate and edit.
Finally, I'll animate every frame, add music, put effects, and edit to create a dynamic audiovisual piece.

1. Research

The first thing I do when I receive a new project is look for references. I write down new ideas and download images that could be useful in the future. That way I decide the look and feel it's going to have.

2. Design

I write a script or brief and I describe what's going to be seen in each part of it. After this structure is approved by the client, I make a draft version to guide me along the creation process.

3. Creation

The time has come to cut the recorded takes, correct color, set nodes, add keyframes, search for images, find the perfect music, and follow it's rhythm to create a dynamic audiovisual piece.

About me...

I'm from the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. After graduating as a Filmmaker, I started working as a Video Editor and Motion Graphics Designer, and more recently, I became also an Illustrator.

These last 6 years I've been lucky to be surrounded and learn from very talented Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Producers and other Video Editors / Motion Designers. I owe all of them a lot.

I've also had the invaluable experience of creating contents for companies all over the globe like Google, Bayer, Amcor, University of Palermo, InmobiliTV, and Geopark, among others.



  • If you’d like to work together, ask about my experience or just say hi, please drop me a line :)
  • City of Buenos Aires, Argentina