My role

I made this promotional video while I was a permanent staff member at the agency. My position was Audiovisual Designer, and I was in charge of video editing and animation, and occasionally I worked on the scripts or illustrations. This project was the first opportunity I was given to lead, so I was involved from start to finish. Throughout the process I received frequent feedback from the CEO and my coordinator. I started by seeking references and validating them. Then they asked me to write the script, which they reviewed sentence by sentence and made small changes in a few terms, but they liked it from the beginning. With the script finished, I began to make sketches for the storyboard, so that they could see more clearly the images I was picturing. Once the storyboard was approved, the company's illustrator began to draw them and my job was to guide and assist him, while animating the images that were ready to go. The illustrator's input was key to complete the aesthetic development of the project, providing new references that we discussed and incorporated into the design. When all the shots were ready and animated I incorporated the music and sound effects to finish. My superiors were very happy with the result, and 3 years later the project is still on the home page of their website.

  • Reference research
  • Aesthetic design
  • Edition
  • Script writing
  • Storyboard
  • Musicalization
  • Illustration assistance
  • Animation
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